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Summer Reading 2018

Books You Shouldn’t Miss This Summer

Summer reading isn’t just for students making their way through a teacher-provided list — at least it shouldn’t be! With so many fantastic novels coming out all summer long and so much free time lying around on the beach, it’s the perfect way to soak up the sun!

Here are a few of my favorite new releases (in order of pub date):


Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier (June 12, 2018)Jar of Hearts social media image

An intense psychological thriller, this novel follows main character Geo as the authorities discover her involvement in the murder of her best friend 14 years earlier. Geo goes to trial and is sent to prison, but upon her release the serial killer murders start all over…

Read an excerpt of the first three chapters here!


Believe Me by JP Delaney (July 24, 2018)


Struggling British actress Claire turns to faux-prostitution for a divorce lawyer to make money and ends up embroiled in the mutilation of one of her clients. Inserting herself in the investigation, Claire becomes a decoy for the police in an attempt to solve the murder, but then the game changes and even Claire can’t be sure which side of the law she’s on.




Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart (July 31, 2018)


Reminiscent of the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard, this dystopian novel depicts a world in which women have no rights and the lands are ruled by a royal family that has distorted history. Two sisters groomed for completely different lives – one for the palace and one as a servant – end up exposing a dangerous secret that gets one sister sent to prison and the other trying to untangle a royal web of lies.



Not Her Daughter by Rea Frey (August 21, 2018)


Successful entrepreneur Sarah watches a lonely little girl Emma get ignored and mistreated by her mother in an airport. Weeks later, when Sarah sees the same little girl again she can’t stop thinking of a way to save her. Deciding that kidnapping shouldn’t be a crime if it’s for the good of the child, Sarah and Emma take off on a cross-country road trip evading the police. All the while, Emma’s mother Amy is struggling to figure out if she even wants her daughter to come home.



Leave No Trace by Mindy Mejia (September 4, 2018)


In the glacial lakes and desolate forests where Minnesota meets Canada, a 10-year-old boy and his father disappear, leaving behind a ravaged campsite. When the little boy emerges ten years later and is caught ransacking an outfitters store, he is sent to a psych ward for monitoring. His speech therapist Maya has her own secrets and abandonment issues and when she is charged with making a connection to this high-profile patient, she unravels history of the past ten years she might not be ready to face.



Lies by TM Logan (September 11, 2018)


One random Thursday afternoon, Joe, with his son William, spot his wife’s car on the wrong side of town. Deciding to follow and try to get her attention, Joe stumbles onto a meeting between his wife and her best friend’s husband Ben. Unsure what is happening, Joe confronts Ben and conversation turns violent — then Ben disappears. Desperate to figure out what happened to Ben and fueled by anonymous messages he starts receiving, Joe launches his own investigation — only he has no idea who he can trust as he begins to unravel his wife’s secret life.


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