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Author Q&A with Maria Corley

Maria Thompson Corley is a Canadian pianist (MM, DMA, The Juilliard School) of Jamaican and Bermudian descent, with experience as a college professor, private piano instructor, composer, arranger and voice actor.¬†She has contributed to Broad Street Review since 2008, and also blogs for Huffington Post. Her first novel, Choices, was published by Kensington. How did… Continue reading Author Q&A with Maria Corley

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Hiatus Apologies

I want to first, and foremost, thank all of my readers for your patient support during which I fell off the grid entirely and apologize for the complete silence. While I never stopped reading over these past few months, and I'd love to connect with you all on Goodreads as well, some personal and professional… Continue reading Hiatus Apologies