Book Spotlight: “I Remember the Time…” by Kim Hemphill

hemphill-cover5_brighter-1ABOUT THE NOVEL: In less than a second I went from a beautiful, happy three-year-old boy to a broken scarred child with a massive scar across my face that took 105 sutures to close. This was when I learned what loneliness; taunting and mean-spirited people were all about. This is when I learned to hate and I developed deep-seated problems that took years to overcome.
My mother was handicapped due to both her legs having been amputated. She suffered from a degenerative bone disease that eventually left her with many other heath issues. This left us children at the mercy of my father who inflicted years of physical abuse on me. I can recall his massive fists slamming into my head at ten years old and being knocked out cold. I was a bed wetter and he would hang the urine soaked blankets over my head and beat me for being a bad boy.
I went on to be homeless at sixteen and lived in a tent in the forest. My living room and kitchen was my campfire. My grocery store was the forest where I hunted and fished.
I continued to spiral deep into this dark hole and was a very lonely, sad child. Through the grace of God and the help of others I managed to reach out and grab on to something to slow down the descent. Through good luck and fortune I started to turn my life around and see myself in a new light.
As my life continued to improve, my confidence in myself began to soar. The little victories meant so much to me at this time of my life. They fueled my drive to become a successful person-giving back to society. Year after year of progress and accomplishments molded me into a very confident go-getter.
Despite no formal education or really any parental guidance, I went on to thrive in the banking and real estate industry. I invented products that are now sold across the USA and Canada. I raised my son without ever raising a hand and he is my proudest accomplishment. My life started out without much but I went on to experience one filled with happiness, love and great success.



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Kim resides in the Pacific Northwest in Spokane Washington. He has been married to his wife for thirty-five years, and they have a son who is currently attending Gonzaga University.
Kim has been a Real Estate Appraiser for 40+ years. He and his wife have operated their company together for over the past three decades. They have been blessed with great success and feel very fortunate, as this life was, in Kim’s words, “gifted to him by angels on earth.”
He was a young man struggling to find his way and become a success and a winner. Without these kind people who saw the determination and fortitude within Kim, he would have never gone on to have a life of such success. After being helped by these mentors, he went on to soar in the banking and real estate industry. To pay his debt to his angels back, he, too, mentored six people who were down and out on their luck, just as Kim had been. Each of these projects took 2 years’ time to mentor each person but all six went from laborers to white-collar professionals earning six-figure incomes.
Now Kim has authored his memoirs I Remember the Time… and his aspiration is to use 20% of the profits to donate to advocates caring for neglected and abused children. Kim has very strong feelings about child abuse due to the years of physical and emotional abuse from his father. He can recall being knocked out by his father’s massive fists. In the book, he describes the cowardly acts of brutality and wants to help other children who are facing abuse. His book is going to be a vehicle to help raise cash for the children.
Kim will also use profits from this book to fund his next book Remembering Those Who Gave Back and again this book will help raise cash for the children. He also has plans on another book to benefit our veterans. Here, again, his desire comes from his experience of losing his older brother, a Marine, in Vietnam after just two weeks and three days of fighting the war. His brother, Craig, was just nineteen-years old.
Despite all the odds against him, Kim has had a wonderful life filled with love and happiness. It is his goal now to help improve today’s society, wherever he could have some influence and make an impact on these issues. 


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