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Book Review: “The Secret Patient” by Vaughan W Smith

the secret patientDescription: Ambitious journalist Elizabeth Edmonds is desperate to break another big story. A spooked informant hands her a tip about the local hospital, but she has no idea that she is about to stumble onto the story of her life. Nathan Stenson knows he’s not just another patient. After months of supposed treatment and his energy fading, and he’s terrified that he will be trapped there forever. When he learns that Elizabeth is covering a story in the hospital, his last chance is to try and sneak a message out. A mysterious conspiracy is hell bent on keeping Nathan under their control and his existence a secret. Can Elizabeth uncover the truth behind Nathan’s captivity and rescue him before she too is silenced and dealt with?

“The Secret Patient” by Vaughan W. Smith is a mystery-adventure novel in which the main character, Elizabeth Edmonds, is a journalist who pieces together a major story through a series of intersecting coincidences. From the beginning, Elizabeth is a serious hard-hitting news journalist eager to uncover a controversial story. Nathan Stenson is a patient at the local hospital who was undergoing treatment for months with no idea what his illness is and without any access to the outside world. Through an informant’s tip and by working on related stories, Elizabeth goes on a hunt to figure out what is being hidden in the hospital.

Smith does a great job of weaving the story together through Elizabeth’s various newspaper assignments, allowing the plot to progress naturally. By following the story, Elizabeth meets another patient at the hospital – Dean – who not only becomes a good friend, he is also a driving force to the story and offers a semblance of comedic relief whenever Elizabeth gets too caught up in her own issues.

Throughout the book, Smith develops intriguing characters (my favorite being Dean) and crafts a captivating tale with plot twists around every corner. “The Secret Patient” was well-paced until the very end in which once the case was solved, the resolution spun out a bit too quickly but demonstrated exactly where each character ended up.

Overall, “The Secret Patient” is a fun, fast-paced book with just enough mystery and adventure to keep you guessing until the final chapter.


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*I received this book through LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.




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