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“24 Romantic Date Night Ideas That Won’t Kill Your Budget” by Jennifer Weiner

24-romantic-date-night-2Description: With the demands of everyday living growing, it seems impossible to find time to spend with those who are important to us. However, in order to keep a committed relationship solid and happy, we must MAKE that time! Relationship experts recommend we make time for our spouse or significant other by going on date nights. Most recommend we do so once a week. But coming up with 52 ideas each and every year is hard! Dinner and a movie gets boring, and expensive! What is a loving couple to do? 
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There are thousands upon thousands of books and articles about relationships out there, but the biggest thing they all have in common is the focus on connection. It’s easy to fall into a rut, but connecting with your partner through date night activities are crucial to keeping the spark alive. This is sometimes easier said than done and cost frequently hinders exciting plans. With this in mind, Jennifer Weiner put together “24 Romantic Date Night Ideas That Won’t Kill Your Budget.”
Living in an expensive city like New York, my boyfriend and I are always budget-conscious opting to plan for the future and save money for a house rather than take an expensive summer vacation. Going through each of the date night ideas presented in Weiner’s roundup, I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of most of the ideas and how easy they are to incorporate into our everyday lives – a few of which my boyfriend and I have already built into our routine over the past five years.
Weiner’s first suggestion is one that has become a cornerstone of my week – Dinner and a Movie. Life is busy, and in my relationship we work in completely different industries and have entirely opposite schedules. Despite sharing an apartment, it is rare to see each other from Tuesday – Friday and weekends are usually devoted to plans with friends and family. Monday nights have become our “date night” mainly because my boyfriend is off that day so after a long day at the office, I get to come home to one of his amazing home-cooked meals, share a bottle of wine and end the night on the couch with a movie. Thanks to this tradition, Mondays are one of my favorite days of the week!
From karaoke and comedy to video game challenges and classes, Jennifer Weiner mixes traditional dates with fun, new ways to connect and explore. This was an extremely short and fun roundup that everyone can enjoy – even if you’re not necessarily a “couple.” I look forward to trying every activity on this list – whether it’s with my boyfriend or my best friend!
What are your favorite “date night” activities and how do you keep the spark alive?

One thought on ““24 Romantic Date Night Ideas That Won’t Kill Your Budget” by Jennifer Weiner

  1. Thanks so much for the lovely review! I am glad the book gave you some good ideas.

    There’s nothing like coming home to a good home cooked meal, unless it is one prepared by your love!

    I look forward to hearing about some of the fun you’ve had on other date nights inspired by the book. Enjoy the few precious minutes you get together! I truly understand the opposite schedules making time together nearly impossible.



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