Book Review

Life Happens in an Instant

“The Juncture” by Bruce Fottler Buy on Amazon or check it out on Goodreads Description: In the aftermath of a freak accident, a miraculous event brings Gary Olstrom back to an obscure day in his past; a key juncture in time that he never suspected held any importance. Disoriented and frustrated, he learns that he has only hours to… Continue reading Life Happens in an Instant

Book Review

Where do your loyalties lie?

“The Girl from the Paradise Ballroom” by Alison Love Published by Broadway Books (Penguin Random House) Length: 336 pages Description: The first meeting between Antonio and Olivia at the Paradise Ballroom is brief, but electric. Years later, on the dawn of World War II, when struggling Italian singer Antonio meets the wife of his wealthy new patron, he recognizes… Continue reading Where do your loyalties lie?

Book Review

Man vs. Machine vs. Singer?

“Singer” by Brigid Collins Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on August 14, 2013 Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy Length: 167 pages Buy on Amazon or check it out on Goodreads Book Description: A silent woman awakens on the edge of a dusty wasteland. A Lady Fencer leads a journey to claim a powerful sword. A young Guide-in-training takes his unwanted follower along… Continue reading Man vs. Machine vs. Singer?

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Happy Blog-iversary

I can hardly believe it’s been one month since debuting The Book Basics! It’s been exciting to launch into the blogosphere and put my passion for books to use. I am overwhelmed by the support and opportunities that sites like Library Thing have provided to connect with authors/publishers and books to review. On deck this month, I have… Continue reading Happy Blog-iversary

Book Review

The Next Dan Brown: Felix Alexander

“The Secret of Heaven” by Felix Alexander Published by ForeverPoetic on April 2, 2016 Genre: Historical, Religious Mystery Length: 311 pages Buy on Amazon or check it out on Goodreads Book Description: When investment banker Lazzaro de Medici is found dead, Professor of Biblical Studies at University of Illinois at Chicago Aiden Leonardo is the prime suspect. In possession of an encrypted letter given… Continue reading The Next Dan Brown: Felix Alexander