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Welcome to The Book Basics

Great wines are like great books. Once you take your ‘sip,’ they’re hard to put down. Engulfed in a good book, the characters and the time, I love disappearing into the narrative and getting lost in the story. If the book is great, the main character becomes my best friend and I’m right there – side by side as life unravels for them… and when the book ends, it’s also a little bit like losing a best friend.

This is my first blog, through which, I plan to share what I’m reading and my thoughts on the variety of genres I explore. I tend to read at least a book per week and try to switch up the genres to keep things interesting.

I want to stress that everyone is entitled to their opinions – this blog will showcase my own thoughts and reactions. Even if I may not particularly love a certain story, someone else may connect with the characters/plot in a different way or be affected by their personal experiences. I urge everyone to experience each story in their own unique way and feel free to share how that differs or coincides with mine!


Share your thoughts!

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